ONAC Financial Coaching

ONAC provides free financial coaching to any American Indian and Alaska Native regardless of where they reside in the U.S. The coaching is available by phone and teleconference. 

The financial coaching includes one-on-one credit counseling, homebuyer education, and basic budgeting. Since June 2020, ONAC has been offering three types of free financial coaching to tribal citizens across the United States: 1) credit counseling, 2) homebuyer education, and 3) financial management (i.e. budgeting).  Confidential sessions are offered one-on-one, by teleconference (Zoom) or phone call, with a certified credit counselor, homebuyer education provider, and financial educator, either Felecia Freeman (Citizen Potawatomi) or Karen Edwards (Choctaw Nation). Typically, these sessions will last for an hour and are scheduled at a mutually agreeable time. If you are a tribal citizen that would like to receive these free ONAC financial coaching services from a Native certified financial coach, you are welcome to register via this registration link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ONACcounselingregistration. From there, our financial coaches will work with you to schedule a remote session by phone or teleconference. Here is a link to a flyer containing this same information. 

ONAC-generated financial coaching resources: 

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2022 Guide 1 - Family Finances

2022 Guide 2 - Homebuying Process 

2022 Guide 3 - Delinquency, Default, and Foreclosure

ONAC List of Informational Coaching Sheets

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Selected Credit-Building Options

The Financial Significance of Credit Scoring

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Advice on Closing Active Credit Accounts – From TransUnion Credit Bureau

Changing or Updating Personal Information on a Credit Report

Tips for disputing-removing errors and requesting removal of older paid delinquencies, collections, and-or judgments from credit reports 

Selected Home Loan Eligibility Requirements

Additional resource ONAC recommends from FNDI: 

Medical Debt Relief – Ask Dr. Per Cap 

Oklahoma Native Assets Coalition 
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